All the organisations that together make #gbgtechweek happen.

90+ hours of tech and startup events around the city of Gothenburg

For the third year #gbgtechweek is back, bigger and better than ever. During next week, people in Gothenburg will be able to indulge in 90+ hours of tech and startup events around the city of Gothenburg.

“It is amazing to see the increase in organizations participating during the week to promote Gothenburg’s tech and startup scene.” - Andreas Rolén, Organiser of #gbgtechweek

This years #gbgtechweek have attracted several inspiring speakers. Lena Apler, founder and head of the board of Collector will attend several events during the week including Lindholmen Connected Business Network and Samuel West, the man behind Museum of Failure, will attend Unionen’s event, Learning from Innovation Failures. Måns Danielsson, the CEO and founder of one of Sweden's hottest food tech startups, will attend Food Venture and Partnering Days .

The week include 26 events with different aims. Starting of the week is Venture Cup and SEB, which will give an introduction and overview of Gothenburg’s startup ecosystem. They will, together with TEDxGöteborg, Businesspodden, Connect Väst, Entreprenö present their role in event and network, advisory, workplace and finance.

The midweek events offers important insights in the stages of creating and launching. Two of these events, Unionen and One Stop Future Shop, will tell you all about mistakes and why you should learn from them. At Lindholmen Science Park Anders Jansson, co-founder of Avanoa and expert in private and public funding will talk about how to find external capital at Lindholmen Science Park.

At the end of the week, Gothenburg Startup Hack will be hosted, during one day 100 people, will realize their ideas programming in a tent at Kanaltorget and thereafter present their ideas for a jury! At another event, the serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio, founder of NA-KD, together with Breakit will talk about how to create 200 million SEK of revenue in two years.

Here are all the events that take place during #gbgtechweek this year:

How to start up by Law Firm Glimstedt - 2/5
A casual panel discussion on how to find a great team, what is really a great idea and to expand quickly without compromising your balance sheet. Join event!

Gothenburg Startup Landscape by SEB & Venture Cup - 2/5
An overview of the startup ecosystem, in collaboration with various important organizations and companies from all over Gothenburg.Join event!

What is an app and how do I make one? by Craft Academy - 2/5
Come spend an evening with Craft Academy and make your first web app!Join event!

Learning from Innovation Failures by Unionen - 3/5
Samuel West explaines why innovation is impossible without mistakes.Join event!

Food Venture & Partnering Days by SP - Food Accelerator - 3-4/5
Food Venture & Partnering Days brings together Swedish startups with national and international investors and food industries. Join event!

Post-it App - 3/5
An event that focuses on the decisions makers of tomorrow which is the highschool students. Join event!

Lindholmed Connected Business Network by Lindholmen Science Park - 3/5
A unique opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with companies within transport, ICT, and media located at Lindholmen Science Park.Join event!

Idea Generation Workshop by Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship - 3/5
Want to find your idea? This is a guided workshop where the serial entrepreneur Alexander Mafi will teach you about idea generation tools and how to boost your creativity. Join event!

Digital Tech - Online Attraction by Almi Företagspartner, Grant Thornton & Women in Tech - 3/5
The serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio, Karolina Brorsson, and Marketing Automation expert Anthony Seymour will talk on the area of online attraction. Join event!

FailureFestival by One Stop Future Shop - 3/5
Welcome to our FailureFestival, where we meet to share failures and celebrate them! Join event!

Startup Bar by Starta & Driva Företag - 3/5
Network opportunities in a modern and relaxed way in order to promote business and entrepreneurship.Join event!

Startups going public by GU Ventures - 4/5
An half day event for entrepreneurs, investors and all of you, who are interested in learning more about the IPO-process.Join event!

Insight - The secret way to find financing by Lindholmen Science Park - 4/5
A panel consisting of persons with exiting experiences share their tips and ideas of how small and medium sized startups can find financing. Join event! - Bergsjön by - 4/5
Bringing world class startup founders, innovators, investors and partners to inspire and engage with the local communities to promote tech and entrepreneurship. Join event!

The startup journey by Silicon Vallgatan (Recorded Future, Trueflow, Spotify, Burt & Forza Football) - 4/5
The startup community is blossoming, but people still can't seem to agree on what the word really means. We'll give you five startup stories and perspectives on the startup identity. Join event!

Cleantech Matchmaking by Chalmers Ventures & Tillväxtverket - 4/5
If you are an innovative cleantech company looking for scaling up your business, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to participate at this matchmaking event.Join event!

Taking Life Science to the Stockmarket by Sahlgrenska Science Park - 4/5
Join us and your life science colleagues for an open, engaging and informative discussion around the best ways for small life science companies to raise capital to generate big value. Join event!

Gothenburg's Dance with China by GU Ventures - 5/5
An half day event for entrepreneurs, investors and all of you, who are interested in learning more about the Chinese market. Join event!

Join a startup by Chalmers Ventures - 5/5
Are you a student looking for some extra work beside the studies? Or maybe you're finished your studies and want to find a full time gig at one of the hottest startups in Gothenburg? Then this is the event for you! Join event!

Entrepreneurial Lunch by Drivhuset - 5/5
It is finally time for another entrepreneurial lunch! We meet at 11:30 at the Museum of World Culture. Join event!

How to meet with investors and startups by Tillväxtverket - 5/5
How do you get in contact with investors and how do you build a relationship for the future? Take part in our panel discussion on how to meet with investors. Join event!

Open Source for Big Data and Visualisation by Findwise - 5/5
During this seminar, we will inspire you to create new powerful visualisations and graphics driven by your data analysis. Join event!

How to Create 200 Million SEK of Revenue in Two Years by Jansson&Norin & Breakit - 5/5
The fashion startup NA-KD saw revenues of over 200 million SEK in it’s first two fiscal years. Here's how they did it. Join event!

Tech in East – Growing in Asia by Chinapreneurs - 5/5
How to find markets in Asia and what to learn from local tech scenes. These are the questions that we are asking together with our panel of experienced Asiapreneurs.Join event!

Gothenburg Startup Hack - 6/5
10 hours of hacking, designing and creating awesome prototypes from awesome business ideas.Join event!

Beer Yoga by #gbgtechweek Crew - 6/5
Have you ever heard about the combination of the golden beverage, mindful stretching and body control? Well, #gbgtechweek has and we want to try this awesome practise with YOU. It's beeryoga time! Join event!



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