#gbgtechweek is back, better than ever with a new concept.

It is time to put #gbgtechweek in your calendar! For the third time, #gbgtechweek is back to gather the nordic tech and startup community in a week full of inspiring events. The tech and startup week is set to take place on May 1 - May 7. The interest to participate has been huge and we have already seen more interest than ever before from both organizers and visitors.

After last year’s success, the focus of #gbgtechweek 2017 is to give concrete and clear value to the attending entrepreneurs and tech people. To ensure that every attendant get the most value out of the events, the week is divided into three sections, Create, Launch and Scale.

“We put all focus on the experience for the visitors, we decided to divide the week into section to give it a better flow and make it easier for the attendants to plan the week. With the new layout our goal is that every visitor of the week know exactly which events they should attend to gain the most value.” - Linus Olsson, Co-founder & Organiser of #gbgtechweek

In the beginning of the week, the Create section, most of the events will inspire you in how to get started with your brilliant idea. You might have an idea but lack the steps of how to bring it forward, or you might just want to be part of something created from scratch. If this is the case, this part of the week is something for you.

During the middle of the week, the Launch section, the events will offer you advice and mentoring on how to get your business to the next level. You will learn more about investments and investors, and crucial steps towards success. Maybe you want to join a startup? If you are curious, come and take a look.

The last part of the week, the Scale section, the events will teach you all about scaling. You will get real time stories and advices from successful organizations and startups. Are you raising an investment round, or looking for that crucial collaboration? Come and visit us during these last days of #gbgtechweek.

For more information regarding the week, visit https://www.gbgtechweek.com

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