Law Firm Glimstedt, Findwise, and Tillväxtverket will all learn you important knowledge. Anders Jansson, Co-founder of Avanoa will join Glimstedt and tell his story.

Get started, find the investors, and visualize your big data. #gbgtechweek learn you how to do it!

#gbgtechweek is not only about getting inspired, but learning more about the different parts of running a startup. In this batch three events focus on learning the participants about different parts of the startup life cycle.

“It is important that #gbgtechweek does not only become an inspiring week, but a week where the participants learn in a concrete way how to take the different steps. Then the visitors of #gbgtechweek will both know how to take the next step, and be inspired to take action on them!” - Tomas Selldén, Organiser of #gbgtechweek

21 events have been release. Now the next three events are presented.

How to start up by Law firm Glimstedt
Law firm Glimstedt welcomes you to an inspiring breakfast where Glimstedt partners Jakob Nortoft and Mikael Claes sit-down with Jonas Arvidsson co-founder of booming Gothenburg startup Parakey, and Anders Jansson, co-founder of Avanoa and expert in private and public funding. Anders is also a co-founder of Minesto.

How to meet with investors and startups by Startup-Sweden/Tillväxtverket, Chalmers Ventures
How do you get in contact with investors and how do you build a relationship for the future? Take part in our panel discussion on how to meet with investors. Who are they? Where are they? And how do you get their attention? Listen to our startups sharing their take on the ecosystem. Is Swedens different hubs connected or is it a competing race between different spots?.

Open Source for Big Data and Visualisation by Findwise
Visualisation brings enormous power. We humans are pattern-seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns, visually and auiditory. Great visualisations is therefore a must for truly gaining insights and spreading knowledge in your organisation, when working with large and complex data. During this seminar, we will inspire you to create new powerful visualisations and graphics driven by your data analysis.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events which will be released soon!

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