The compenies of Silicon Vallgatan and Linnea Lindau, CEO of Chalmers Ventures.

“Silicon Vallgatan”, including Spotify, Recorded Future and Burt, and Chalmers Ventures’ CEO Linnea Lindau to #gbgtechweek

In the heart of Gothenburg, within the moat, lies the street Vallgatan, which in recent days is called Silicon Vallgatan. Here, some of Sweden´s most prominent tech companies, such as Spotify, Recorded Future and Burt have their offices. On the 4th of May, at the Spotify offices, these companies will get together and give you stories and perspectives on the startup identity. During lunch on the same day Chalmers Ventures’ CEO Linnea Lindau together with the former CEO of Minesto, Anders Jansson, will talk about the secret way of raising capital at Lindholmen Science Park.

"We are excited to present some of Sweden´s most prominent tech companies and get insights of how to find investments from Linnea Lindau, who manage one of Gothenburg’s largest tech funds. I believe all startups can obtain a lot of valuable knowledge from these events." - Linus Olsson, Organiser of #gbgtechweek

13 events have been release. Now the next four events are presented.

StartUp Bar by Starta & Driva Företag
StartUp Bar is an initiative by Starta & Driva Företag. The idea is to create new network opportunities in a modern and relaxed way in order to promote business and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial lunch by Drivhuset
Time for another entrepreneurial lunch! Meet, eat, and mingle at the Museum of World Culture.

Silicon Vallgatan Presents: The Startup Journey by Spotify, Recorded Future, Burt, TrueFlow and Forza Football
The startup community is blossoming, but people still can't seem to agree on what a the word really means. Speakers from some of the "Silicon Vallgatan" companies will give you five startup stories and perspectives on the startup identity. Food and drinks for all!

Insight - The secret way to find financing by Lindholmen Science Park
A panel consisting of persons with exciting experiences share their tips and ideas of how small and medium sized startups can find financing. If you are an entrepreneur, running a startup, a creator and/or a person interested in innovation, interaction and inspiration, this is the event for you!

Stay tuned for the upcoming events which will be released soon!

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