Edtech- an unleashed potential for Swedish Export?

Tuesday 22/05 - 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: Visual Arena Lindholmen

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Edtech is one of the fastest growing markets in Sweden and globally and holds solutions and possibilities to solve future challenges of education and need for competence. The educational markets are super-complex but Swedish edtech solutions excels in quality, innovation and increased efficiency. How can our edtech ecosystem, sharing knowledge and experience about edtech markets around the world, fuel Swedish edtech on international markets? And what can convince a hesitant investor to invest in edtech?

The complexity of the education markets
Digital transformation in education, is it necessary or why is it so difficult to transform education? The educational system as an innovation system. Are there values in the traditional system we need to understand and respect?

Innovation and go-to-market

Born Global
Kognity is Swedens best kept Edtech secret as one of our fastest growing edtechs operating in over 70 countries. Karin vill share challenges and opportunities from Kognitys journey and business strategies and advice on sales

Investor perspective
Edtech is one of the largest growing markets globally. Swedish investors expect billions invested in Swedish edtech within the next years, but Nordic investors seem hesitant. Why?

The Nordics
Norway have been working many years branding Norwegian Edtech, international successes as Kahoot and itslearning is part of the story. What can we learn from Norway and how can we together strengthen the Nordic Edtech brand?


Andreas Albertsson

GU Ventures

Anna Bjurström


Carl Heath


Hege Tollerud

Oslo Edtech Cluster

Jannie Jeppesen

Swedish Edtech Industry

Jonathan Wadström


Karin Bjerde


Sophia Johansson

Almi Invest

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