How to realign technology with humanity

Tuesday 22/05 - 17:00 - 20:00

Venue: Varvet

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17.00-18.00 Silent Afterwork
18.00-20.00 Speakers

Over the last decade, most technology has been developed by a small homogenous group, mainly wealthy males living in big cities. Naturally, they have been solving problems they face in their everyday life: “How can I publish my thoughts to all my friends instantly?”, “How can I find love without leaving my apartment?”, “How can I kill time on the bus?”.

The solutions they’ve come up with have been innovative and sometimes world changing...

...but what about problems like: “How do we beat climate change?”, “How do we provide people with equal opportunities to a great education?”, “How do we help people release their true potential and live life in a way that makes them truly happy?”.

Varvet hosts a night where we explore opportunities to build the world we want to live in, through the lense of technology. We start off with a Silent Afterwork where we take a breather from the ever-present technology that surrounds us, after which we’ll dive into the inspirational talks given by our three amazing speakers. Besides silence and noise we’ll also provide you with the necessities of life - food and drinks!

Pierre Reimertz is a full stack app developer whose work, ideas and entrepreneurship are based on the simple thought of making the world a better place. He thinks that only the lucky ones have the possibility to appreciate their surroundings and understand how much the world has to give. It is his goal to give every human that right.

Lisa Hammarström spends part of her days freelancing as full stack web application developer and the other part running a non-profit organization which aims to create arenas and projects where people can grow - both themselves and together.

Jonas Nicklas is a software developer who believes that software is meant to serve people. He has spoken at multiple conferences and is is a prolific contributor to open source, both in contributing to others' projects and in starting his own.


Pierre Reimertz

Lisa Hammarström

Jonas Nicklas

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