Inside the mind of a tech-investor

Wednesday 23/05 - 07:30 - 08:45

Venue: Park49

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Law firm Glimstedt welcomes you to a breakfast seminar where the CEO of Glimstedts Gothenburg office Sabine Söndergaard will sit down with tech investors Oscar Molse and Fredrik Olofsson. Topics will include what tech investors look for in a start up, at what stage they aim to make the investment, and their relations to VCs in later investment rounds. Hopefully they can also share some stories about their best (and perhaps worst) investments.

Fredrik Olofsson has since 2015 been an active investor in a number of companies. He has made early investments in companies like Trine, Story Hotel, Mediatool etc. Moreover he, together with a colleague, runs his own fintech company Steven.

Oscar Molse has invested in large number of companies as a tech investor and is currently running the investment firm Modelio Equity. Modelio Equity has in the last few years invested in a number of start up companies within the field of medtech, gaming and fintech.


Fredrik Olofsson

Oscar Molse

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