Match Made in Heaven

Friday 25/05 - 13:30 - 15:30


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Welcome to join #Gbgtechweeks most matched event! Here you might meet your future business partner or a savvy web designer. For sure you’ll get to hobnob with a great crowd. So if you’re looking for new challenges, specific competences, business ideas or want to share your skills with the world? This is the event for you!

On Friday May 25th YESBOX will be filled with entrepreneurs, business owners, value creators, students and start-ups who want to take the next step forward and match competence with need. Of course you’ll find us, and our friends from Coompanion, Reach for Change and Almi there: All happy to chat with you.

The best place to be is YESBOX Gamlestan, where the first Volvo car hung from a rooftop beam and you get to talk ideas and entrepreneurship in the same building where the first bearing was invented. Maybe your venture will join Volvo and SKF and take it’s first start-up steps here?

We want to give you the best opportunity by arranging an awesome afternoon where you can meet, mingle and matchmake in a great atmosphere. Bring a buddy and let the matchmaking begin!

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